Kanella: Top 50 Philadelphia restaurant and best-smelling bathroom

A cool thing about Philadelphia? Unlike NYC, many of its top 50 restaurants are quite affordable, and I’ve already been to two, including Kanella (1001 Spruce St.). Kanella bathroom restroom

Kanella’s restroom doors are painted a calm cerulean that made me think of the ocean; this beautiful blue is a close tie with the blue at Crêperie Béchamel in Wayne. Between Kanella’s two restroom doors is a large clay pot, sitting on the floor below a couple of framed photographs and a little wooden man dressed in some traditional garb. As soon as I walked in, I thought, “Wow, this bathroom smells really fantastic,” which is not something you generally think when entering a public bathroom. That aroma stemmed from the vase of fragrant fresh flowers sitting on the wooden stand that holds the white vessel sink. The floors are made of rustic-looking tiles, and the mirror has a frame made of black wire curlicues. The coat hanger on the door is made of shiny copper — a gorgeous contrast to the blue paint — and the light switch plate is painted with ombré green stripes.

Kanella’s website describes the restaurant as a “Greek Cypriot kitchen.” That’s the last kind of cuisine I think of when I think of brunch, but the kedgree — rice mixed with pieces of smoked cod, topped with ah-ma-zing Greek yogurt and a hard-boiled egg — was a fantastic change of pace from the omelettes and other egg dishes I typically order. And I got a chuckle out of the fact that, before I dug in, it sort of looked like I had a Muppet on my plate; see photo below. My brunch mates also ordered the “dips of the day,” which included some awesome-looking pumpkin and feta mixture, served with freshly grilled pita. I skipped this because I planned to have a giant gluten cheat for dinner, in the form of — of all low-brow things — Dunkin’ Donuts. (It was worth it; I hadn’t had doughnuts in several years, and the Boston cream and French cruller still taste as trashy-good as ever.)

Restroom Rating: [rating=4]

photo(114) Kanella bathroom restroom Kanella kedgeree

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